Intelligently illuminate your space with Element Touch bulbs and XFINITY Home. Have Element bulbs automatically adjust the brightness and color temperature as you come and go from your smart home. As brightness gradually increases, color temperature automatically change from warm white to cool white to fit your mood. Sengled Element Touch is an energy efficient LED bulb that provides the next level of home automation to match your lifestyle. You can set up lighting schedule to turn on automatically when you are away on vacation to complement your XFINITY security system. Compatible with other approved accessories via the XFINITY Home control panel to create new uses cases.
How it works with XFINITY Home
  • Automatically have all your Sengled bulbs turn off when you arm your XFINIITY Home security system to Away
  • Automatically turn on your Sengled bulbs in the morning and turn off when you go to work
  • Turn on and off your Sengled bulbs individually or in groups via XFINITY Home mobile app
  • Get a peace of mind to make sure you don’t have any Sengled bulbs on when you’ve left the house
  • Never fumble through the dark when you come home at night. Automatically have the entryway light turn on when you open the front door.
  • Dim the Sengled bulbs and have the warm white help you relax
  • Brighten the Sengled bulbs and use the cool white light to help you be productive
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