The Works with XFINITY Home partner program is designed to seamlessly integrate best-in-class smart home devices into the XFINITY Home platform. In a few steps, your product could become part of XFINITY Home's growing ecosystem of curated devices available to millions of Comcast’s XFINITY customers.


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How it Works

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BENEFITS of joining XFINITY Home

Increased Marketplace Presence

Certified Works with XFINITY Home partners can use the Works with XFINITY logo on their device packaging, product website, marketing and PR collateral*.


XFINITY Home’s customer service team is here to answer and troubleshoot any of our customers’ questions or issues. They’ll provide tech support for your products and ensure that they are smoothly integrated into customers’ homes.


With the voice capability of our X1 set top box, our customers can manage their home with voice commands such as “XFINITY home camera” to see who is at their front door or “XFINITY home arm” to secure their home for the night. They can also manage your products with voice commands.

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Information Security

When it comes to information security and privacy, we hold our partners to the same high standards we hold ourselves!

Information Security

XFINITY Home uses the same secure design and development practices as leaders in the financial and defense industries. We continuously monitor and test for new vulnerabilities.

Data Privacy

We have layered safeguards in place to keep customers and their data protected. If you are a Works with XFINITY Home partner, it must be transparent to the customer what information you require and what the benefit will be. Upon customer consent, we will share only the data absolutely necessary to give our customers the best possible product experience.