Here are just a few of the reasons to partner with XFINITY Home.

Increased Marketplace Presence

Certified Works With XFINITY Home partners can use the Works with XFINITY logo on their packaging, website and other collateral* to increase brand awareness.

Your product will not only appear on the Works with XFINITY Home website, but can even be showcased and/or sold through Comcast's digital and physical stores.

How great is XFINITY Home’s market presence to date?

  • 39 states + DC
  • 28 million+ customer relationships
  • 55 million+ homes and businesses passed

* Usage of the logo must be reviewed and approved by the Comcast team.

Platform Innovation

We continuously strive to make our platform smarter and more capable.

  • We are not just an aggregator. We are the brain of the home, constantly learning about users and their interactions with their homes. For example, our platform identifies patterns at home, informing users about activities that could be automated using XFINITY Smart Rules.
  • Many different types of devices and service providers work seamlessly with our platform. When your product connects with XFINITY Home, we can build a whole new set of meaningful interactions utilizing these insights.

Unified Interfaces Including TV

When your device is a part of the program, XFINITY Home customers can easily manage and control your product with the XFINITY Home:

  • Mobile app
  • Online portal
  • In-home touchscreen controller
  • TV with the XFINITY X1 set top box

Device Control Using X1 and Voice

According to Parks & Associates, natural voice control is the single most important catalyst to smart home device adoption in 2016. With the voice capability of our X1 set top box, our customers can manage their home by saying voice commands, such as “XFINITY Home Camera” to see who is at their front door or “XFINITY Home arm” to secure their home for the night.

How popular is our voice platform? We have over 10 million XFINITY X1 voice remotes in market, and we are rolling out 800,000 a month. Roughly 300 million commands are spoken a month on our platform. Your product too could become part of this growing platform and be managed using voice.

Specialized Tech Support

XFINITY Home’s customer service team is here to answer and troubleshoot any of our customers’ questions or issues.

They’ll provide tech support for your products and ensure that they are smoothly integrated into customers’ homes.